What is New in Mammography?

GE Pristina 3D

Highest quality in breast imaging!

2D FFD & 3D Tomosynthesis

The only FDA approved 3D mammo that delivers the same low dose as 2D FFDM which is lowest dose of all FDA approved systems.

Breast Density

3D Mammography | Three Rivers Health Basin Wyoming
3D Mammography

All women have various amounts of fatty tissue and fiberglandular breast tissues that changes what each individual mammogram looks like. Breast density is the dense tissue to total volume of the breast. The volume and distribution of dense tissue plays a major role in the sensitivity of mammography screening as well as the patient’s risk of developing breast cancer.

High breast density is a greater amount of fiberglandular tissue compared to fat. Low breast density is a greater amount of fat compared to fibergladular tissue. Why is this important? It is estimated that over 40% of women in the US who are of mammogram screening age have dense breast tissue.

3D Mammography aids in finding abnormalities in all breast types.


Computer-Aided Detection is a sophisticated FDA approved technology that helps radiologists identify characteristics that may be associated with various forms of cancer. By using iCAD patented algorithms to mark suspicious areas, iCAD serves as a “second set of eyes” and “acts like a spell-checker” to identify characteristics that may warrant a second look by the radiologist. 

2D FFD vs 3D Tomosynthesis

GE and iCAD are the only companies partner Profound AI with 3D Tomosynthesis

iCad is based on medical research in the areas of artificial intelligence, enhanced image processing , pattern recognition, mathematical formulas, and statistical computations. iCAD in the mammography screening does not require additional screenings for the patient.

Profound AI is raising the bar on detection performance. It is a high performing, concurrent read, cancer detection, and workflow solution that rapidly analyzes each tomosynthesis image detecting malignant tissue densities and calcifications unrivaled accuracy. 


A program that enhances patient care by automating radiology workflow with the following processes:

  • Patient Tracking System – MQSA Tracking
  • Patient Names – Exam Dates – Letters – Annual Follow-ups
  • Call backs – Add Views – Exam Counts – Bi-Rad Tracking
  • Technologist Reports – Exam Counts

by Margie Triplett

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