Carletta Collins

, MD



Dr. Carletta Collins grew up in rural Alabama. She attended medical school at the University of Alabama School of Medicine. She then went to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee for residency and fellowship. She is board certified in both Medical Oncology and Hematology. She is happily married to her husband, Chad. They have four beautiful children. She and her husband moved to Cody Wyoming in 2013, then to Powell in 2020.  She notes that all four of her babies have been born in Wyoming and Wyoming is “home.”

At an early age, Dr. Collins developed a passion for rural health and noticed that in rural communities there was a need for quality, up-to-date Oncology care. She saw people travel and stay away from home to be treated for their cancer. She often noted that the burden and discomfort of being away from home caused patients to discontinue therapy prematurely. She then made it her goal to bring quality, state-of-the-art Oncology and Hematology care to a rural community.

“When a person has cancer, it is important to be able to stay home if he/she wishes. That is where they are comfortable, have the most support. Being home is important. There should be quality, state of the art oncology care available at home, so that people don’t have to travel. In addition, in these smaller communities, we develop strong relationships with our patients. They become family. Every one of my patients becomes a family member and I treat them as such. My staff and I will do anything we can to help them.”

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